Nivocer B.V. is no more


After many years of fruitful and joyful collaboration, we have decided to close down Nivocer B.V. by the end of 2014.

We will each continue working in our respective fields, pursuing our dreams and aspirations in new adventures and challenges.

To work with either one or both of us, for instance on our expertise below: get in touch via our new professional homes.

Nivocer B.V. was our home from 2006-2014.

Rolf Kleef

rolfRolf helps non-profits use internet for online collaboration, campaigning, policy making and knowledge sharing. He works as technology strategist, open source developer, process designer and facilitator.

Rolf's current focus is on open data and online research, using data for performance dashboards and reporting, and on implementation of the IATI standard by NGOs.

Jaap-André de Hoop

jaapandreJaap-André helps organisations set up surveys and feedback panels. He analyses data from multiple sources to produce specialised reports. He works as data analyst, statistician and open source developer.

Jaap-André's current focus is on data warehousing, extracting data in various formats and creating reports with methodologically relevant information.

You help people improve their situation, by delivering services, by campaigning, or by lobbying.

You need to coordinate efforts, and be efficient, accountable and transparent.

You want to show results, and tell your story based on facts and figures.

Your challenges

Capture data

  • How do I collect the right data?
  • Which tools should I use?
  • What data is already available?

Merge data

  • How do I work with data in different formats?
  • Can I avoid doing the same routine over and over again?
  • How do I promote sharing data to my colleagues?

Make sense of data

  • How do I connect everything in a meaningful way?
  • Is my data good enough?
  • Does my data comply with existing standards?

Share data

  • How do I send out personalised reports to dozens of stakeholders?
  • Can I offer staff direct access to the information they need?
  • How do I publish open data?

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence is the art and science of transforming raw data into meaningful information [Wikipedia].

What you want to do

Use data from many sources

You and your colleagues work with data from various origins, using a variety of tools: different spreadsheets, databases and management information systems.

Monitor results

equalizersignupYou defined M&E protocols, log frames, quality control, and key performance indicators, to keep track of your goals and progress towards them.

Inform all stakeholders

You, your colleagues, donors, partner organisations and constituency all want to get the right information, at the right time, the way they like it.







What we can do

Bring the data together

Data integration tools let you connect to multiple sources, extract the data you need, transform it into a standardised format, and load it into a single data warehouse. And repeat it as often as you like, to keep it up-to-date.

Tailor it for your specific needs

Your data warehouse is modelled to reflect the way you look at your organisation and your work, and how you keep track of your progress, results and impacts.

Turn it into information

With the right filters and views, everyone can get the information they need, as on-demand or regularly sent reports, as at-a-glance dashboards, or as ad-hoc analyses to explore and download data for further research.

How we can help


insert-templateDesign your research methods, surveys and questionnaires.

phoneSelect (mobile) tools and providers to help you capture data in the field.

box-addFind existing (open) data sources to use in your work.


wrenchBuild scripts to integrate data from multiple sources.

cogSelect (mobile) tools and providers to help you capture data in the field.

usersFind existing (open) data sources to use in your work.


treeModel the data for your organisation's goals and needs.

searchProvide in-depth statistical analysis of your data.

checkmark-circleCheck data quality and compliance with (open data) standards.


stackCreate and send reports with content tailored for each recipient.

screenProvide online dashboards to analyse and report on your data.

bullhornHelp you publish your data as open data and promote re-use.